Sunday, 6 March 2011

Viktor and Rolf: The medieval Darth Maul look is so hot right now...

Grazia Daily report: Viktor and Rolf A/W 11

Or perhaps they were inspired by the recently leaked Red Skull pics that have been doing the rounds ahead of Captain America's release later this year. Definitely a look for the catwalk only...

Hello again, old friend

So! Lots has happened since I last posted. The Deftones did indeed tour, I attended the Manchester Apollo gig and it was a-freaking-mazing. I bought, didn't learn and sold a Cello in a 6 month period (that's a quick turnaround even by my standards) I quit my old job and got new job that I like and dislike in equal measure and I got a new pet, Bruce Wayne the hamstery dark knight. 

Also, more to the point I decided to start blogging for real this time focusing more so on my fashion purchases (the real ones and the make believe ones) and share my online finds.

So to kick off I give you the fabulous Pearls and Swine:

Aimed at the burlesque set, along with some pretty amazing pasties (of the nipple not pastry variety) custom c-strings and fantails they also produce some very wearable mini berets and fascinators.  Unfortunately I don't currently lead the kind of glamorous life that would afford many opportunities to wear some of these beautiful items but I often find myself perusing their recently revamped website. As well as offering ready to go designs they also offer a bespoke service and it's all handmade so every piece is unique! I've had my eye on this baby for a while now:

Which would go rather wonderfully with my new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. 

And in true burlesque fashion the site celebrates beautiful women and men of all shapes and sizes which is always good :) 

Oh and there are boobies.